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A Killer Party: A Murder Mystery Musical represents a bold new way to produce theatre while still adhering to public safety guidelines. GLMusicals is so excited to bring you this unique, hilarious NEW musical! This entire show was created during quarantine and we have the opportunity to bring it to you in the safety and comfort of your home!

This musical was audio recorded, filmed and edited for a fully virtual final performance.  All actors were filmed individually and edited together. 


Varthur MacArthur - JJ Sanchez

Justine Case - Hallie Ackerman

Clarke Staples - Jacob Deal

Shea Crescendo - Miah Winston

Viika Orsonewelles - Kat Platte

George Murderer - Joshua Irwin

Lilly Wright - Maria Perez

Cameron Littlejohn - Adrian Slear

Joan MacArthur - Logan Underhill

Jeremy Jordan - Leo Ackerman

Detective Case - Elysia Azzi

Ensemble:  Sarah Bovee, Addy Grostefon, Aaron Moore, Alli Morgan, Maddy Mullens, Luke Nunez


Director- Tracy Clark

Vocal Director - Sheri Petersen

Sound Engineer - Dan Dade

Videography/Editing - Tracy Clark & Michael Arnold

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